10 Foods To Try In Miami

10 Foods To Try In Miami

Tostón-topped burgers, four-pound Cuban sandwiches, and intricate sushi doughnuts are a few of the exciting dishes you have to try in Miami.

For more information on the places (featured in chronological order), visit:

Sarussi Subs: http://sarussisubs.com/

Pincho Factory: http://pinchofactory.com/

Barton G. The Restaurant: http://www.bartong.com/

NaiYaRa: http://naiyara.com/

Morelia’s Gourmet Paletas: https://www.paletasmorelia.com/menu/

Miami-Dade County Fair: http://www.thefair.me/thefair/

Joe’s Stone Crab: https://www.joesstonecrab.com/

Azucar Ice Cream Company: http://www.azucaricecream.com/

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