19 Foods You Must Try in Miami in 2019

19 Foods You Must Try in Miami in 2019

In 2018, I tried over a hundred amazing dishes at dozens of places in my hometown of Miami. These are the 19 dishes you have to try when you come to Miami!

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Here are all of the foods and where you can try them!

1. Tower Burger (Amour de Miami): https://www.amourdemiami.com/

This massive burger is an absolute monster. The river of cheese fondue that’s poured on top makes it a rich and decadent treat!

2. Elote (Tacos and Tattoos): http://tacosandtattoos.com/

I’ve had this Mexican corn on the cob dish before, but none of them were as good as this creamy, spicy, and mouthwatering version!

3. The Yardbird (Spring Chicken): https://www.eatspringchicken.com/

This juicy and tender fried chicken sandwich with Duke’s mayo and pickles is one of the best chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had!

4. Lobster Mac & Cheese (Yardbird): https://www.runchickenrun.com/location/miami/

This was one of the cheesiest and creamiest lobster macs I’ve ever had, and one of the prettiest, with a gorgeous presentation including a whole lobster!

5. Swolf Burger (Clutch Burger): https://clutchburger.com/

With a waygu beef patty, chorizo, and seared pork belly, this fatty, juicy burger is perfect for any meat lover. It’s one of my favorite burgers ever!

6. Nutella Obleah (Amazonica): https://www.amazonicaofficial.com/

This Colombian treat with Nutella and shredded coconut spread between two thin wafers was a pleasant surprise and a flavorful snack everyone should try!

7. Fish Molee (Ayesha Pinecrest): http://ayeshakeybiscayne.com/

This flaky and tender dish from the Indian state of Kerala is fresh and bursting with flavor. Its sauce was so good I wanted to drink it!

8. Star Luca Pizza (Mister O1): http://www.mistero1.com/

This spicy salami and large dollops of ricotta cheese baked into this pizza’s crust make for an unreal flavor and texture combination!

9. Cachapa (Budare Bistro): http://budarebistro.com/

This warm corn pancake with white cheese and sour cream is one of my all-time favorite Venezuelan breakfast foods, and the ones at Budare Bistro are outstanding!

10. Breakfast All Day Burger (BurgerFi): https://burgerfi.com/

Imagine adding eggs, bacon, hash browns, and maple syrup to a tender, juicy burger. That’s what this burger is, and it is sensational.

11. Saag Paneer (Bollywood Masala): http://www.bollywoodmasalamiami.com/

This cottage cheese dish that’s served in a flavorful creamy spinach sauce is a popular dish in India, for good reason. This version was absolute perfection!

12. Malanga Tots (Amelia’s 1931): http://amelias1931.com/

These deep-fried root vegetable tots that are topped with vaca frita, garlic, and two different mayos are flavor and texture bombs! They are fantastic!

13. Papaya Salad (Sansara): https://www.sansaramiami.com/

This chilled, bright salad, mixed with the salty, fatty pork belly was like if Thailand and Cuba got married right on my place. They paired so well together!

14. Rock Shrimp Pizza (Harry’s Pizzeria): https://www.genuinepizza.com/harrys-pizzeria

This unusual pizza featuring rock shrimp, Manchego cheese, scallions, and lemon took me back to my time in Greece and had me at a loss for words!

15. French Assassin (Killer Melts): http://killermelts.co/

This mind-blowing breakfast burger between two slices of French toast is easily one of the best breakfast burgers ever!

16. 48-oz. Porterhouse Steak (Shula’s): https://www.shulas.com/shulas-steak-house/miami-lakes/

This fatty and perfectly cooked steak was absolutely massive and the best steak I’ve ever eaten!

17. Peking Duck (Tropical Chinese): http://www.tropicalchinesemiami.com/

This Beijing specialty is incredible when rolled into a crepe with crispy duck skin, scallions, cucumbers, and red sauce!

18. The U (Sweet Dogs): https://www.sweetdogs.net/

The bacon, sautéed onions, salsa, sauerkraut, and corn chips on this wild hot dog make it an instant favorite!

19. Spicy Tuna Cone (Kraken Lab): http://www.krakenlab.org/

The spicy tuna, briny roe, and sweet waffle cone make for a magnificent flavor and texture combination that seriously blew my mind!

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    1. Hey David love your videos, I am waiting for more Indian Videos. Just a question, How do you manage to stay so fit after eating all the greasy food?

  2. I’m going to try all these. Thanks for show casing food in Miami! I get to rediscover Miami thanks to your channel 👍🏻.

  3. Mmmmmmm thank you for your mouth watering list and guidance of amazing food time to head to Miami America 😋😋😋😋👌👍

  4. I’m from Miami I only heard of 2 of these places. Literally only tourist and college kids go to most of these places this isn’t original Miami culture foods but this video is overall dope. The Cuban cafe and guava is definitely real Miami vibes.

  5. Best video i’ve seen whenever I search up “best foods in ___ city”….you got real good taste bruh..can’t wait to go to a few of these soon

  6. Okay. So thise places are NOT in Miami first of all. There in Miami-Dade County but not in Miami. Secondly, those restaurants are NOT popular in Miami. Next, most of those foods looks like they are a disgusting heart attack really to happen. Last, no of this is representative of Miami or staples of Miami.

    If you going to talk about must eats in Miami, mention our staples and the traditional places that serve them.

    If you must get something it’s a Cuban Sandwich from Versaille.

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