Can US afford cap on H-1B visas? | India Development Debate

Can US afford cap on H-1B visas? | India Development Debate

The US is considering a cap on H1B visas for countries that force foreign companies to store data locally. The cap could be 10-15% and India is one of the countries that want data stored locally. We speak more on this with Jayant Dasgupta, Former Ambassador & Former Permanent Representative of India to the WTO, Prasenjit Bose, Economist & Political Analyst and Indrani Bagchi, Diplomatic Editor, The Times of India with Tamanna Inamdar.

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11 thoughts on “Can US afford cap on H-1B visas? | India Development Debate

  1. Only one solution, remove H1 completely from system.. stop issuing these and start replacing current H1 with Americans

  2. H1-B program has become a war on Americans. End the program NOW! Repatriate all these visa holders. Americans First!

  3. Why does American immigration take up so much time on Indian news? So many news shows in India so concerned with American immigration. Why does India so badly want to get rid of their so-called “best and brightest”? Surely India would want to encourage these to stay in India?

    No other country cares about the immigration policies of other nations! Why does India feel that foreign countries immigration rules are newsworthy in their country? Why not focus on Indian immigration rules?

    And yes – US will be just fine without IT bodyshops swamping the market.

  4. Dasgupta Sir and Bagchi Ma’m thank you for the insights. Unfortunately the title of the video made a lot of people upset, but good discussion overall. Hopefully both nations will sort out the best deal for them.

  5. Can we afford it? 🤣 We feed and police the world. We can afford to do whatever we please, when we please. Don’t see anyone storming your borders.

  6. Indians = Filthy street shitters who rape 7 year old girls daily because not even their women want them. That’s why arranged marriages are still a thing there. 😂

  7. What’s wrong, India can’t create enough jobs inside of it’s own country? Gotta send your people to other countries for work huh? Boo fucking hoo

  8. Yes, we can afford cap on H1B visas. We will employ US citizens. The question is can 🇮🇳 india afford the cap?

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