Chef Creole’s Miami International Airport Grand Opening

Chef Creole’s Miami International Airport Grand Opening

26 Years In Business!
6th location in South Florida.
Major Community Supporters!
Congratulations Chef Ken 🎊🇭🇹

Owner Wilkinson Sejour, affectionately known as Chef Creole, is well known around Little Haiti, but he has managed to attract the attention of county commissioners, a famous chef, big-time developers and scores of loyal customers. Last night Sejour opened his sixth Chef Creole location at Miami International Airport.

Miami-Dade Aviation Director, Lester Sola, said Chef Creole will increase the diversity of foods served at MIA.

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  2. Anpil félicitation ak chef nou yo kap fè yon gwo travay. Mw renmen sa anpil psk nou mete mang haïtien yo an valè. Mw pa gn mo pou mw remercie nou

  3. I am very proud of my Haitians people may explore your business may be many more restaurants God bless you all

  4. i wanna fly to Miami just to go eat there, im in chicago and man there is no haitian food spot out here et Mwen grangou.

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