Crazy Thai Tapas – Lung Yai Miami

Crazy Thai Tapas – Lung Yai Miami

In the mood for crazy Thai Tapas? A Thai restaurant named “Lung Yai” in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami might have just what you need!

When you think of the best Thai tapas the cuban neighborhood on Calle Ocho is the last place that one might think to look and that’s precisely what makes it so special.

If you’re walking down the street a good sign a restaurant is worth your time is the fact that you will see a substantial waiting line outside. This place is no exception! A “hole in the wall” spot that serves up authentic delicious food at a reasonable cost is one of my favorite finds of all.

“Soup Nazi” regimented ordering is not something that most restaurants can pull off nowadays but the “one and done” ordering system simply adds to the charm of this hidden gem.

Some favorites that you will see in this video are:
– Crab and Pork dry noodles
– Red bean paste marinated pork ribs (thai baby back ribs)
– Thai curry dishes (best green curry Miami)
– Fried shrimp dumplings
– Crispy Duck salad

Be here early or prepare to wait for the first turn to flip. Wait times vary but expect to be there for an hour of so if you don’t have the foresight to show up early. In the end… totally worth the wait!

This week is the 2019 Miami boat show and I’m showing you one of the restaurants that should be on the list of 2019 boat show restaurants to try. 2019 Miami travel destinations don’t include pad Thai restaurants, a crispy duck salad dish, or places with Thai curry dishes but they should. I’m starting a 2019 little havana best restaurants list and you best believe this place is hovering at the top!

Name: Bryan Ocampo
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    1. The food was great thank you! You truly have something special there. Keep up the good work. You’ll definitely see me again.

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