Crispy PIZZA HEAVEN at Mister O1 in Brickell | Miami, Florida

Crispy PIZZA HEAVEN at Mister O1 in Brickell | Miami, Florida

Mister O1 is one of the best kept secret pizzerias in Miami! This is actually the first time I visit and each pizza blew me away. Here are five crispy amazing pizzas you have to eat ASAP!

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Mister O1 is a modern pizzeria with locations in Brickell, Downtown Miami and Miami Beach. They make some incredible pizzas with the freshest ingredients. I teamed up with my friend Tal the Traveling Clatt which is a pizza expert to sample five incredible pizzas. These are the ones we tried:

-Burrata e Curdo
-Star Luca Pizza
-Claudio Pizza
-Coffee Paolo
-Marco Pizza
-Nutella Pizza

Each one of these pizzas was so unique and different. My personal favorite was the Coffee Paolo and Tal’s favorite was the Star Luca. I highly recommend you visit Mister O1 next time you visit Brickell, Miami Beach or Downtown Miami.

Mister O1:

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16 thoughts on “Crispy PIZZA HEAVEN at Mister O1 in Brickell | Miami, Florida

  1. Hi everyone! I am back in Miami (my home) and I am going to be making a ton of food videos on the 305! In this episode I visited Mister O1, one of the best Pizzerias in Miami! Subscribe to my friend The Traveling Clatt:
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    1. Davidsbeenhere Sorry to say, you may die soon . You are eating lot of cheese and greasy food. Hope you have two hearts…. 🍕🍕🍕🍕😉

  2. The Indian guy needs a hair net and a beard Snood, so no hair gets on the food! 🤔😂 LOL

    1. +Mark Johnston Thought of the same thing when I first saw him. I was thinking either Middle Eastern or Indian but he’s actually Israeli

  3. @Davidsbeenhere, That’s two blocks from me. let me know if you want any recommendations..

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