Indian Food MUKBANG 15+ Indian Dishes with Nina Unrated | Miami Beach, Florida

Indian Food MUKBANG 15+ Indian Dishes with Nina Unrated | Miami Beach, Florida

In September of 2019, I got a chance to meet up with my friend Nina Unrated in my hometown of Miami and film my very first mukbang video with her! Join us at Taste Buds of India in Miami Beach for our epic Indian food mukbang!

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Nina had only had Indian food once, so I couldn’t wait to teach her all about the cuisine! Taste Buds of India is one of the best Indian restaurants in Miami and has three locations throughout the area. There are Buddha statues and beautiful paintings on the walls!

We got 16 items in total. We started with a mango lassi, which was a sweet yogurt drink. It’s super refreshing!

Then we started with a samosa chaat with chickpeas, sev, potato filling, and yogurt on top. It was amazing and full of flavors. I explained that it’s similar to an empanada. There’s a mint chutney in it and a tamarind chutney, which adds a bit of sweetness.

Next was a lamb chop curry, which was unreal. It was so good and had so much flavor. The meat was super tender and had some ginger in it! The curry was also nice and thick! As we ate, I explained all about the different languages in India.

Next, we went with some garlic naan, and dipped it into the lamb curry, which was so unbelievably good! It creamy and not spicy at all.

Next, we had a non-veg skillet with shrimp, lamb, chicken lollipops, and a greenish chicken. The chicken lollipop was so buttery and melted in my mouth. It was full of smoky tandoori flavor! The shrimp was succulent and the green chicken was super minty.

Then we went with chicken tikka, which we wrapped in lettuce. Then, we dove into a spinach dip with tomatoes, ginger, and onions. Next was baby eggplant in a spicy, sweet tomato-based curry. It was crispy on the outside and milky on the inside. The eggplant had some real heat that snuck up on us! Then we took some papad and dipped it into the curry.

Then I dipped the papad in to the tamarind chutney and then a salsa-like tomato chutney. It was so good!

Then we tried some Indian beer, followed by some butter chicken with the naan. The curry was insanely good! Then we tried a veg mixed platter of onion bhaji with the tamarind chutney. It was doughy and had some greens in it. Then there was some fried paneer and a samosa. The paneer was a little nutty.

Our last dish was chicken lollipop with a red curry on top. It was nice and smoky and really tender. By that point, I was getting really full, so we went with the beer. It was like a lager. Mine was cloudy and a little bitter. Nina’s was smoother!

Then we had some desserts: gulab jamun, kufti, and rasmalai. The kufti was a little hard and has a straight-up Indian taste. It’s also very sugary and dense. The gulab jamun had a honey-like syrup and was like a donut hole. Then we had the rasmalai, my personal favorite. It had coconut milk and coconut flakes and was really spongy. It was really creamy!

Then we mixed them together like I suggested, which was a game changer!

I hope you enjoyed coming with me on my first Indian food mukbang! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures!

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    1. No, all hindus are not vegetarian, it really depends on individual’s choice, people here prefer Veg food more due to digestion and health issues. Beef isn’t completely ban in India it’s available in few states, especially Goa and North east India.
      And most importantly : Hindus used to eat beef and sacrifice cows in ancient time but after Buddhism era in India things changed Lord Buddha inspired many people for Ahimsa (no violence), Peaceful life, Loving and respecting Animals.

      Also India is the largest exporter of Beef

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  3. Dave: don’t have beer and lassi in the same meal. Not good for stomach. I never miss ur single episode. Love from New York. Your knowledge of Indian food is much appreciated. Thanks

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