Señor Frogs Miami Beach | Miami Groupon Review | What to do in Miami, FL

Señor Frogs Miami Beach | Miami Groupon Review | What to do in Miami, FL

Save some money on your next trip to Miami! “Tacos, burritos, burgers, and barbecue make mouths water at this festive eatery filled with bright colors and live music”

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Choose Between Two Options
$17 for $30 worth of Mexican-American food for two or more people
$33 for $60 worth of Mexican-American food for four or more people

“About Señor Frogs
Beachwear is encouraged at Señor Frog’s, but the only swimmers in sight are floating above the bar. Their bikini-clad bottoms poke through the centers of inner tubes, making visitors wonder if the restaurant has taken a dip in the ocean. Luckily, this scene is meant to elicit giggles, just like the brightly colored signs that plaster the tables, walls, and ceiling. These banners call out to diners, enticing them to let loose, order a margarita, and see how crazy a night at Treasure Island can get. On many nights, bands and DJs provide a live soundtrack for the revelry as shot girls circulate with tequila as heady as a Hydra-turned-sommelier.

To fuel the evening’s adventures, Señor Frog’s offers a hearty lineup of Mexican and American eats. Though it’s loaded with flank steak, the signature Mexican platter showcases bite-size eats such as cheese-stuffed jalapeños, mini enchiladas, and mini chicken chimichangas. Burgers and barbecue fill the American side of the menu with a picnic vibe that pairs well with a homestyle dessert such as apple cobbler à la mode.”

Señor Frogs – Miami
1450 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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16 thoughts on “Señor Frogs Miami Beach | Miami Groupon Review | What to do in Miami, FL

  1. The burrito and wings looked good😍 and the hats looked cool lol Darla would of loved that!!

  2. Love the balloon hats. Your boyfriend looked like a pretzel 🥨 😃😂

  3. Over all the food looks good! But the queso thing looks soooo gooood! I agree that the place is more for drinking. When we used to have a senior frogs here a lot of people used to go there to drink and party! Lol

    1. Lvdydee Maybe we should go back one night and compare it from the daytime. I’m sure it gets super crazy in there once everyone shows up drunk and is trying to get more drunk 😂

  4. So weird.the cheese dish with soft tortillas. That had to be a mistake from the kitchen there’s no way they serve it like that.

  5. Sweat shades bros ^.^
    A yards three feet. – that would be hella beer
    I like how you guys went back and forth.
    The food looks lit.

    1. Welcomedcompany Lol thanks! ❤️ and yeah three feet of any type of alcoholic drink will be sure to get you drunk!

  6. I LOVE Señor Frogs! I’ve only been there once in NYC but they closed down 🙁 I went during the night for my friends bday and we had those huge tall drinks. We had ballon hats too 😂 It’s super fun but it depends on your mood. That chorizo thing looked yummy 😋 great video!

    1. Thanks! <3 and yes it definitely seems like a cool place to go with your friends at night and get drinks and have a good time! Too bad they closed down the one in NYC but next time you visit Miami we can get some drinks by the yard ;)) also the Drag brunch sounds like fun!

  7. I think I’ve been to a senõr frogs in Mexico once…I think. It’s definitely a fun atmosphere but I totally agree about it being a party feel. The food looked pretty decent though for that type of restaurant. I feel like usually those types of restaurants are more limited on food options. The drag brunch sounds fun!! Definitely would be fun with a group.

    1. Yes they have them in Cancun and Cozumel in Mexico! They also have locations on Vegas, New York, Bahamas and I think Puerto Rico which is pretty cool! I agree, it would be fun to go with a group and definitely would love to go to the drag brunch! Thanks for watching 🙂

  8. I always thought Senor Frogs was a place you went to on excursion days on cruises lol!  Didn’t know they had them here

    1. Haha yes they are located in Mexico and the Bahamas so that’s probably where you got that idea but they are also located in Miami, New York, and Vegas!

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