SG Resorts – Miami Beach Restaurant Loyalty Program

SG Resorts – Miami Beach Restaurant Loyalty Program

Visitors to Miami Beach are very familiar with the SG Restaurant Loyalty Program where participating restaurants offer the valued customers something much more valuable than a free appetizer. Local Restaurants offer their “regulars” and others complimentary vacation certificates as a way of saying “Thank You” for being our customer.

SG Resorts provides the vacation certificates as loyalty rewards with several upgrade options for those seeking to redeem their vacation certificates in person or online.

When your vacation plans include Miami Beach check out the Casablanca Hotel’s East & West Towers. They are part of the SG Resorts Network of 5,000 Resorts worldwide and offer special bonus certificates from time to time for the local restaurants to distribute only to their best customers.

SG Resorts is the worlds leading provider of Dream Vacations. SG Resorts is a private travel club with a Global Network of over 5,000 Resorts worldwide in over 100 countries where its members can vacation and enjoy savings so huge the rates are not published for public viewing. Every SG Resorts Travel Club Member has his or her’s own iPortal to the Club Network where their rates for a weeks vacation is what the rest of the world pays to spend a night at the same resorts.

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