The Best Eats in Miami with Michelle Bernstein

The Best Eats in Miami with Michelle Bernstein

Chef Michelle Bernstein shares her top picks for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Miami.

Tell us where you like to dine in Miami.

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Where to dine in Miami:

Athens Juice Bar –

My Ceviche –

Macchialina –

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12 thoughts on “The Best Eats in Miami with Michelle Bernstein

  1. Breakfast looked healthy, lunch I was even open minded but it has to be cooked fish, dinner….hell nahhh, I got the bubble guts just looking at that mess. I love Italian food but that didn’t look too good. Her face was hilarious when she would taste the food!!!

  2. This video is for rich people and a “tourist trap” cog,nothing has Miami better than letting loose here and doing and eating whatever you want(as long as is not illegal of course),you dream it and Miami will have it for you as long as you are willing to escape the airport as fast as you can and just travel around here,there are so many flavors that the tower of Babel could be ashamed by not keeping its workers together just by food,instead,we have Spanish,a culture that brings Arabic,French,Italian,Greek,African and others into a place that is just magical but atainable as long as we are willing to get rid of bullshit holding us back!

    1. Love my Chi23 look it up they have a lot from Cuban sub sandwiches to Cuban ice cream 🤗😋

  3. Great video. The first two restaurant dishes look so delicious & fresh. Yummy. Michelle is great as well throughout the video. Need to visit Miami one day! 

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