The Miami Relocation Guide | Why Should you Move to Fort Lauderdale?

The Miami Relocation Guide | Why Should you Move to Fort Lauderdale?

This is a four part series on what you need to know about moving to South Florida.

This Video Guide is divided into 4 parts (this is part 1):

– Part 1: Why would you move to Miami

– Part 2: What are the best schools and neighborhoods for those who are moving to Miami with a family

– Part 3: What are the best condos, condo lines, best homes and best gated communities

– Part 4: The Economics and Numbers behind Miami’s real estate market

When you are moving to Miami, you need a truly functional guide to help you with the most important matters. While most relocation guides focus on the best restaurants, nightclubs, sport schools etc, we concentrate on more essential matters. You might not know whether to buy or to rent, you might not know whether you should focus on a single-family house or a condo and you might not know the market prices in each neighborhood. When you come into the city and you want to buy you need to understand the numbers!!

This is exactly why we created this Miami Real Estate Relocation Guide. For those who are not familiar with our city, we show you the right from the wrong and the good deals from the bad deals while scrutinizing each and every neighborhood for you by means of statistics as well as with our day-to-day experience

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