The Most Bizarre and EXPENSIVE Restaurant: Barton G Miami ~ a review

The Most Bizarre and EXPENSIVE Restaurant: Barton G Miami ~ a review

We ventured out to Barton G, a South Beach Miami Florida restaurant, to see if it lived up to the hype and it’s dollars. This restaurant is NOT for the frugal and thrifty. You MUST budget for this experience.
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16 thoughts on “The Most Bizarre and EXPENSIVE Restaurant: Barton G Miami ~ a review

  1. Y’all are a hoot. I love your earrings and your handbag. I told my husband about the restaurant…he thought that’s just too crazy. EVERYTHING was high…but I’d still check it out. First though I need to go back to the Capital Grille first so my 2 girls can check that one out first…then Barton G restaurant.

    1. @The Fun and Budget Act oh Lawdddd no ma’am. I meant go. Let me clean that up. We definitely ain’t ho’ing for nothing..especially a meal!!

  2. That food looked so good! It was more than just food, it was an experience. I would definitely visit

  3. We just watching yall together… love it!! Both look so happy… god is good… yasssssss!!!🔥💚

  4. That Barton G experience was definitely one for the books! It’s on my to doing list lol Thanks for sharing with y’all cute selves!

  5. Have fun in my city!! Barton G is worth it!! Y’all accent is Fiyah!! I love it! Y’all are real cute!! Omg!! Look how cute he is with you!! Yessss T!!
    If you’re still in town go over to BIG PINK! South Beach
    The food is huge!! Sooo good!! You had a pequeño (guava and cheese) !! Girl!! That warm is so good.
    Also if you want to hear some good music and good tapas (small plates) go to Mojito Bar at Sawgrass Mall.

    1. Thank you so much for these suggestions…he lives there and I’ll be back later this month 🙂

  6. I LOVE ❤️ your vlogs Tinesha! You know how to have a good time! That restaurant is definitely for special occasions! Your skin and hair look good! What is your facial skincare routine?

  7. We have Barton G here in LA, I may have to just come up off my pretty pennies and go have the cotton candy thingy. Yes, just one thing, LMAO! I say it all the time, but the glow you have with him is just BEAUTIFUL! Thank you bae for loving our girl the way she needs to be loved and keeping this smile and glow on her beautiful face!

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