Things to do in Miami – 10 Best Kept Secrets

Things to do in Miami – 10 Best Kept Secrets

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If your visiting the Miami Area, let us to show you the parts of Miami that only the locals know about.

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We created MetroCity to give visitors and locals a Miami experience unlike any other. Our tour services will inspire you to try new things, discover popular destinations, and arrive home safely at the end of the night. All activity patrons benefit from our transportation services where we provide an alternative to driving to social events that is safer for you and better for the environment. We aim to show you that the best parts of America are only a bus ride away! Cabs and other app based transportation companies can be are costly, and unreliable ways to get around the Miami Metro area.

One of the best ways to get to know Miami culture is through its cuisine. A good way to flavor through these various decadents, are tours that explore a wide variety of Miami’s neighborhoods. The following are food tours that we offer in some of Miami’s most vibrant cities.

Wynwood’s restaurants provide a diverse range of delicious choices. It’s in a neighborhood responsible for some of the city’s top establishments. The Wynwood food tour includes a ride to the most famous well-known restaurants in the Wynwood area and back home. Unlike most food tours we will drive you to the destination instead of walking for miles. Brunch aficionados will enjoy the most talked about brunches in Wynwood, every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3 p.m. Pairing perfectly with an afternoon spent enjoying eclectic brunch cocktails and light, refreshing libations such as the Garden Bloody Mary, Michelada and fresh fruit Mimosas.

More than just being renowned for its Miami nightlife, Miami Beach is home to a trendy food scene that has been attracting tourists and locals for decades. From succulent, freshly-caught seafood to wallet-friendly options, there are endlesspossibilities for the SOBE regulars. Join us to experience this melting pot of flavors that can only be found here. Make our Miami Food Tour one of your new favorite things to do in Miami. It’s no wonder that the abundance of cultural fusion in Miami, is projected into the brunch experience. Not one restaurant will have the same approach in delivering their version of this delicious meal that occurs in between breakfast and lunch.

The Brickell dining scene is white hot with a mix of buzzworthy new restaurants alongside longtime classics. Whether you’re here for business or simply want to explore a new neighborhood, a reservation with us, will give you a taste of the city between its towering skyscrapers and historic buildings. Star chefs have turned their attention to the Miami Design District opening everything from namesake restaurants by award-winning chefs, to casual, café-style diners and eateries. Let us take you on a tour of this new town, where we know it’ll leave you craving for another visit .

Miami’s all-night parties at the hottest nightclubs aren’t the only thing that this city has to offer. The various breweries and taprooms offer all types of tastes and environments, The Miami Brew Tours we offer will get you acquainted with some of these venues. The local breweries that reside in converted warehouses near downtown Miami is a fun adventure you won’t want to miss. Wynwood’s living museum of funky colorful murals attracts crowds for both day and Miami nightlife, but the unique breweries in the area keep them coming back for more. This tour includes a ride to some one of the finest breweries in the Wynwood area and back assuring you arrive home safely. The craft beer explosion has sparked for a Miami based brewery scene. The addition to Vice City’s repertoire, is having more of a draw for not just fine spirits enthusiasts to visit, but the sophisticated beer connoisseur as well. Better get your palate ready an endless array of creativity! In the mood for a handcrafted cocktail? Look no further, there’s no better place to be than Brickell. This skyscraper city is sprawling with bars and cocktail lounges helmed by some of the world’s best bartenders and mixologists. For creative margaritas, mind-blowing mojitos, or even a new take on an Old Fashioned, sip your way through these exquisite cocktail bars.

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