U.S. Ambassador reacts to visa sanctions on Ghana

U.S. Ambassador reacts to visa sanctions on Ghana

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The US Ambassador to Ghana, Ms. Stephanie S. Sullivan, says the US will adopt a smooth and transparent process back in Washington, for the issuance of travelling documents to Ghanaians ordered removed from the US. This she said will enable the deportees to return to Ghana on commercial flights to avoid unnecessary attention. The US Ambassador to Ghana was reacting to the issue of Visa restrictions on Ghana over deportee row.

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5 thoughts on “U.S. Ambassador reacts to visa sanctions on Ghana

    1. +ATTAH BOAKYE I agree 100%, but, then Black people will start making countless excuses such as it is a Globalized World and Africa will be cut off from Global Market. BS, if only Black People knew Globalism is a reformation of Colonialism. Instead of boots on the Ground, the West has shifted to economic hit men which can collapse and economy plugged into the Federal Reserve Central Bank System.

    2. Heru Behudety I wonder Why We can’t print our own money. You will send gold. Diamond. Oil. Cocoa. Timber to them and they will go and print paper money for you. It doesn’t make sense. Why can’t we print our own money? Money is just papers and metal and we have alot.it time we force so called leaders to make our country great and better place to live. I wonder who even own the central bank of Ghana

    3. Foreigners will NEVER build Afrika. They will only take and do what is best for themselves. Do not think for a second FOREIGNERS care anything about Afrika and her people.

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