US CPT college visa scam: How US immigration authorities entrapped gullible international students

US CPT college visa scam: How US immigration authorities entrapped gullible international students

ICE or Immigration and Customs Enforcement used a controversial tactic of setting up a fake university offering CPT or Curricular Practical Training permission from Day 1 of enrollment. Hundreds of gullible international students, most of them from the Indian states of Telangana and Andhra, fell prey to this entrapment. Bisbo details how the trap was set and tells you important lessons you should learn.

The Detroit News
Feds used fake Michigan university in immigration sting, Robert Snell Jan. 31, 2019
How the feds pulled off University of Farmington sting, January 30, 2019

BBC News
US-India Farmington university row: ‘I fled after fake college raid’, February 8, 2019,

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Online, the U. of Farmington Looked Real. Behind the Scenes, It Was a Federal Sting Operation. Lily Jackson January 30, 2019

New York Times
ICE Ran a Fake University in Michigan to Catch Immigration Fraud, Sarah Mervosh, January 31, 2019

Times of India
Chidanand Rajghatta
Hollywood actors among nearly 50 charged in college admission scam; Mar 13, 2019
US lawmakers seek due process and humane treatment for detained desis; Feb 12, 2019
India issues demarche to US on arrest of students; Feb 3, 2019
600 Indian students’ entrapped by US govt; Feb 1, 2019

Sudipta Sengupta
GPS anklet and food on dole: After Farmington, she reaps only distress; Feb 11, 2019
US fits trackers ons students caught in fake varsity racket; Feb 2, 2019

Detained students were aware of their crimes: US; PTI; Feb 6, 2019
Going abroad for studies? You may have to register with the govt.; Feb 6, 2019

Economic Times
Pay-to-stay scam: Many more Indian students fear being trapped, detained, CR Sukumar; Feb 16, 2019
Trapping Indian students? Really Mr. Trump; Seema Sirohi; Feb 6, 2019

Mumbai Mirror
Felicity Huffman indicted in college admission scam, Mar 15, 2019

The News Minute

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Bisbo’s Limerick:
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Indian students were entrapped in an admission scam
By undercover officers masquerading as an educating man
But they should have known better
That CPT’s never
Offered from Day 1 in any University plan

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