US Embassy Bans Drop Box Visa Renewal in Nigeria // SAY IT LIKE IT IS – Ep 46

US Embassy Bans Drop Box Visa Renewal in Nigeria // SAY IT LIKE IT IS – Ep 46

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Effective at the close of business today, Tuesday, May 14, 2019, the U.S. Mission to Nigeria is indefinitely suspending interview waivers for renewals, otherwise known as the “Dropbox” process. Visa applications will no longer be accepted by DHL in Nigeria. Those who have already submitted their passports via “Dropbox” to DHL for processing either at the U.S. Embassy in Abuja, or the Consulate General in Lagos, will not be impacted by this change.

All applicants in Nigeria seeking a nonimmigrant visa to the United States must apply online, and will be required to appear in-person at the U.S. Embassy in Abuja or U.S. Consulate General in Lagos to submit their application for review. Applicants must appear at the location they specified when applying for the visa renewal.

Processing of diplomatic and official (A, G, and NATO class) visa applications will continue unchanged.

Mission Nigeria’s processing procedures are regularly reviewed in order to assess our ability to quickly, efficiently, and securely process visa applications. The U.S. Mission is taking this step to provide more efficient customer service and promote legitimate travel, and will continue to facilitate applications of established travelers to the best of its ability.

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17 thoughts on “US Embassy Bans Drop Box Visa Renewal in Nigeria // SAY IT LIKE IT IS – Ep 46

  1. 30,000 of them crossed the border illegally into Canada to claim assylum using all manner of lies. Most of them with recent US visas, the immigration minister of Canada had to visit Nigeria last year to discuss the issues.Hence the US embassy in Nigeria is putting steep measures to forestall this. The abuse of this situation is something else. Canada used to be friendly but with the abuse by Nigerians crossing the border illegally we now have various negative sentiments

    1. The idiot immigrations minister cant understand that the abuse is caused by bad Government in Nigeria.they thievies politicians cant even give nigerians light for 365days water.nothing.ok.the best things for all of those embassies is to carry their embassies home.let travelling stop.nonsense.

    2. +Truthmatter by Ola dada All is well and I commend you for this act. I can only pray that things get better for all of us and our country Nigeria

    3. You don’t know what it feels like to run after buses in Oshodi to sell pure water. In this jungle, it’s the survival of the fittest.

  2. You can’t blame them for whatever decisions they made for the safety of their country it’s simply because they care so much about their own people and country. What happened to our Nigeria criminal leaders that care less about Nigeria people? They know the conditions of Nigeria and they don’t want that for their people.
    Happy that they dragged all our stupid leaders in the mud. America believe if can better their country so do our leaders can do it for Nigeria. Donald Trump said to every smart president and his cabinet should make sure his country and his people come first and guaranteed their safety taking care of.

  3. As a Nigerian American, I know that racism is behind this decision. Do Nigerians misbehave, big yes but the misbehaving of Nigerians is not more than the positivity by Nigerians from NASA to Ivy League colleges, Wall Street and Sports. Trump has been clear in his dislike of black immigrants. This has zero to do with Nigerians abusing any system. Chinese people abuse a lot more than Nigerians (look up who is number one for birthright visa), Indians too (abuse of working visa), the data that you showed has Brazil well ahead of Nigeria. Trump wanted his homeland secretary to enforce more harsher rules against immigrants of color. When she couldn’t keep up, he fired her with more hawkish individual taking over.

    If we are going to call it as it is then we should, Brazil is led by a Trump like in Bolsonaro. Trump is not going to go after Brazilians especially with his businesses guaranteed. China and India are being targeted for other reasons with nothing to do with immigration ( look up how many biz licenses have been approved for Trump corp in China and what Silicon Valley is campaigning for in India). Ghana had some visa restrictions imposed on their govt earlier under claims of refusing to take deportees (Ghanaian ambassador showed that they filed petitions after seeing how America was sending people who weren’t not Ghanaian for deportation to Ghana, that’s against international law and Ghana was right to question the procedure). Also, Department of Defense is trying to secure a military base in Ghana (after an uproar from indigenes, Ghanaian Gov’t slowed support), that’s a primetime area and I know bunch of my fellow military peeps have been visiting Ghana a lot lately. The visa restrictions could be another way to pressurize Ghana. Does it mean that Ghanaians are all good in the United States without many misbehaving? I can point you to a couple of Ghanaians that think that their people commit more harm here.

    Are you aware that one of the largest illegal immigrant community here is Irish? But Trump just signed a deal for Irish citizens to no longer worry about visas here. He sees all Irish as white period.

    I agree with you on the Nigerian governments reaction, where is it other than to kiss ass. Trump also dislikes Buhari and Nigeria’s ambassador here is older than time. If Nigeria threatens American coys in the country, they’ll place pressure on Trump to change his mind. This was never about Nigerians misbehaving, its about Trumps way of seeing the world aka racist. Oh btw Trump is popular amongst lots of Nigerians (many call him a Man of God unlike Obama who was protecting LGBTQ people). They are all in tears now.

    1. @Ronin Rophael You boast about Nigerians positivity in NASA to Ivy League colleges, Wall Street and Sports out weight the misbehavior of Nigerians. What you fail to acknowledge is these Nigerians are benefiting from other people’s shed blood and their struggle. Nigerians travel abroad only to boast about how they are benefiting from other people struggle but, fail to fight and sacrifice their blood to build a better future for the next generation in Nigeria. You are part of the problems Nigerians face internationally due to your failure to address the obvious issues Nigerians cause globally. Why are you in the United State talking BS about a nation you have benefited from greatly? Also, your injection regarding Irish is ignorant because they immigrated to the United States for centuries. Have you read the history about Irish people who have immigrated to the United States for centuries? You boast about Nigerians attending the Irish universities here in the United States. This conservation is about Nigerians immigrating to other parts the global creating chaos not Ghanaian or Irish people. You should stop all of your deflection address the Nigerians problem.

  4. i don’t know what Africans still go to Trumps America….stop going there.start building Africa and make it a better place

  5. I personally think the U.S should ban ppl from Nigeria visiting the United States. Most of them come over and refuse to go back home. If you don’t like Trump, go fuck yourself. Trump/Pence 2020

  6. You are right my brother, this is also going on in Europe (Belgium)where I am,they mess up the system, they don’t want to work because of collecting benefits,so when the government are hard on them, they then use the R word, come on ppl sometimes we are the problem.

  7. Lots of points were stated here especially the healthcare side of vlog. Yes they have started to blacklist a lot of mothers entry to the US before of previous bills they owed the govt during their last visit to the country. Do we call that yahoo on another level?

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