US Spouse Visa Rejected..

US Spouse Visa Rejected..

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Red TRC k real charges, I applied myself ALHAMADULILLAH..

Blue Card details plus more info coming in next videos.. Stay Tuned..

Dunkey ka anjam! Please don’t do it, Please!!

Turkey Deporting Pakistanis.. Please Pakistan ka sochen..

Turkey visa Rejection ki waja! Video puri dekhen..

Turkey k documents nai hen Karim bhai..

My Advisory Charges, Turkish Visa Requirements & A Sorry from my Assistant:

Ok to Board, Kab aur Kyun?

New Turkey Visa Requirements with changes.

Turkey TRC for Family.

Real Turkey TRC, Red or Blue Card?

Turkey me jobs hen k nai?

Sticker Visa Ya E-Visa, Kiski value zyada hy?

US/UK k liye Bank Statement:

US Visa k liye requirements:

US family visa mistakes:

Valid US visa pe visa free countries (Pakistan/India):

USA new visa policy for Pakistan:

US/CANADA/AUSTRALIA visas ki sale:

New US Visa Fee With New Policies:

US Visa Sanction on Pakistan

Reply on US Visa Sanction Video

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24 thoughts on “US Spouse Visa Rejected..

  1. Karim bhai main b US embassy men gya tha ye jo admi ne btaya visa ratios bil kul 100% theak btaya visa ni milta US ka 300…400 ek 2 ko milta ha bus

    1. Ji ji brother… I know.. Sahi keh rahe hen ap.. ALLAH TAALA sab k liye asaanian paida kare. Ameen.

  2. Doing good job, Can you please find out about school system for kids 6 grade and up.
    there fees in English medium school if they are islamic school. Thanks for help.

  3. Convey this information to Majid; this 221(g) is nothing new for Spouse immigrant visas for Pakistani male or for other males from Muslim Majority countries. this process of delaying is called “AP or Administrative Processing and unfortunately there is no timeline for that and there is no way to find our how long it will take for visa to be issued. it can take anywhere from few weeks to couple of years. Department of State and FBI conduct different levels of security and background checks on applicants and this process been in place since 2003.

  4. Aslam o alikum karam bhai total reject kar dia ha spouse visa or appeal ka right ha

  5. Its 221g administrative processing. They will do further investigation and ask for social media and emails and adress history and family information. I got same 221g thing and got visa after one month.

    1. Will try to collect info and make a video on it too. Thanks for the suggestion brother.

    2. Karim Travel Advisors before this social media screening was random. But now i think its mandatory.

  6. Assalamu alaikum karim bhai agar spous American citizen hu matlab pakistan India ya kesi dosry country sa ja kar settle na hu balki American born hu agar wo spouse visa k leye apply kary Thu bhi yehe rules hy ya citizens k sath thora kuch asani krta hy

    1. Thank you sir.. Your information help us a lot.. May Allah bless you and protect you always Ameen

    2. Wsalam brother, ji sab k liye same hi rules hotay hen.. kyunk banday ne yahan se jana hy ..

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