Visa Rejection, Double Masters, All red Flags | US VISA Experience

Visa Rejection, Double Masters, All red Flags | US VISA Experience
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Books you will need for GRE & TOEFL
ETS Verbal
ETS mail Guide with CD’s
Barron Vocab
Manhattan 5lb for Quant/maths
Kaplan Power Prep
Official Guide for TOEFL
Princeton Review

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11 thoughts on “Visa Rejection, Double Masters, All red Flags | US VISA Experience

  1. Let’s dare to speak:Somehow hang onto US, is the concept for most Indians, unranked Univ, second Masters, Research, unconnected courses..and get into lottery for H1B, lag Gaya tho lag Gaya…or again enrol. They sensed it n taking action…I support Trump n only merit based H1B. Mr. Parth u should share ur academic life in US year u went, how many courses, Univs….give only merit based advice, not short cuts…I too am an engineer, radio sense the girl MS electrical, another MS optics… research…motive to hang onto US.. sorry I’m candid.

  2. why didn’t she had a job? after masters? I heard that if you are good in studies you definitely get a job?

  3. Hey super excited for the next video and I would like to request you to make a video explaining the current trends like the chances of OPT getting revoked, the demand of talent in different fields there and would companies go for sponsoring a recruit or get someone who doesn’t needs sponsorship. My field of interest is Robotics(software part of it mostly which is deep learning and AI), what are the chances of US education system getting friendly to international students and in the current scenario is it advisable to look for education in Europe, Canada where the working conditions are quiet favorable. With the news of OPT might getting revoked many prospective students would be facing this sense of fear. Please guide on these topics, it would be a lot lot helping.
    P.S: You are doing a great job. Thanks for doing this.

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